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We help hotels improve their sustainability experiences and build engaging stories – find them here!

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We help hotels build engaging experiences – and stories!

As demand and interest on Sustainable tourism grows, it is only natural that new hotels are developed with Sustainability at heart, as well as that current operations properties decide to invest in and develop their own sustainability-focused experiences and activities. In Bee+Hive, we also work alongside such projects, helping them identify, develop and fine-tune their Sustainability-dedicated efforts, in a way to be more impactful.

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    Pousada Trijunção

    Pousada Trijunção is located in Fazenda Trijunção, a conservation area of the Cerrado – the Brazilian Savannah – and its biodiversity. A refuge in the dry season and a route to the rich flora and fauna of this region, the Cerrado isolates four different biomes in Brazil (including the Amazon and the Atlantic Forest), allowing for the emergence of unique species in each of these environments.

    Currently less than 50% of the original area of the Cerrado in Brazil remains, and it is estimated that 150 species of animals suffer from extinction resulting from the destruction or damage to their habitat. The jaguar, the ocelot, the armadillo, the anteater, the maned wolf and the gray eagle (among +210other bird species) are among these species that live free on Fazenda Trijuncão, protected and reproducing.

    Pousada Trijunção’s location is also unique considering Brazil’s massive size. Located on the border between the States of Goiás, Bahia and Minas Gerais, visiting Pousada Trijunção will also allow for enjoying three regions of Brazil in a single visit!

    Building on its vision that nature conservation experiences should host people and inspire them in the protection of our land, animals, rivers and vegetation, Bee+Hive is supporting their develop of unique activities.