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What we are

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Welcome to Bee+Hive

We are a global Association of Hotels, parks and restaurants which, beyond luxury services, has as core values a strong belief on acting as change agents through impactful Ecologic, Socio-Economic or Cultural Sustainability experiences.

We believe in influencing travellers’ understanding about well-being and protection of life – on its many aspects – further inspiring them far beyond the actual trip.

Our vision

Travel impacts the World. Bee + Hive is here to help you realize how positive that impact can be. Bee+Hive is the go-to platform to discover the best in sustainable travel experiences. We created Bee+Hive to unite hotels, restaurants and parks who share our belief in the transformational power of Tourism.

We work with our members to develop and showcase incredible travel experiences that promote sustainability. For us, this includes: preserving and re-habilitating wildlife and ecology, ensuring viable socio- economic ventures for the local community and protecting cultural expression.

Our members benefit of Bee+Hive through Media promotion, international representation to agents and operators, and a common agenda among associated hoteliers to impact sustainable policies and actions.

Through spreading the word about these unique experiences we aim to inspire travellers beyond their trip, so they can spread awareness of sustainable travel to their friends back home.

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Our plan

Impact People

  • Help members develop dazzling sustainable travel expernences.
  • Global commercial representation using Sustainability as a key selling proposition.
  • Global PR and promotion (online and offline press and opinion leaders).
  • Digital engagement (blog & social media)

Urge Action

  • Develop actionable relevant criteria to evaluate sustainable management of members.
  • Cooperate with members and partners to build an action plan to bridge the gaps.
  • Develop partnerships to address common gaps in the industry.
  • Leverage and promote best practices.

Unify Agenda

  • Implement annual event bringing together members, opinion leaders and technical partners: Promote cross-pollination.
  • Identify and build on undeveloped synergies.
  • Facilitate impactful Global agenda for sustainable tourism.
  • Urgem members and community at large develop actions.
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