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Culture Experiences

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  • Family Fun in Treehotel

    Fun activities for the entire family - all year long!

    • Sledding on a hill with the kids.
    • Make fire and grilling sausages.
    • Make snow figures of snow.
    • Coffee/Tea and hot drinks is included
    • Try your hand at fishing.
    • Learning about nature and pick berries
    • Make fire and grilling sausages.
    • Coffee/Tea and hot drinks is included
    • Try horse riding
    • Make fire and grilling sausages.
    • Coffee/Tea and hot drinks is included

  • Sami Experience

    Immerse yourself in the Sami culture and lifestyle

    You will meet Anna, a young Sami woman, who lives there with her family. Brought up with reindeer herding, and still living a traditional life, Anna has a vast amount of local knowledge to share with you.
    In the lávvu (tent house) you will sit around the fireplace and listen to stories and joik (traditional Sami singing).
    You will also be served a three course meal prepared over an open fire, with locally produced ingredients. The camp is situated just outside of Jokkmokk, close to the Arctic Circle and you will have the chance to get really close to the reindeers and even feed them!

  • Nordic ski touring

    Explore the forest through snow like the Samis has done for ages

    With stable wooden skiis and a certified guide, you will glide silently over the snow like the Samis has done for ages. We will ski on flat ground in a slow pace and take regular breaks. In the middle of the snow landscape, your guide will prepare coffee and tea overopen fire served with organic home baked pastry. This is an opportunity for you to get close to and learn about the Arctic nature while gently exercising your whole body. Close to a frozen pond, your guide will prepare coffee and tea over open fire.

  • Ice fishing combined with Snowshoes or Skis

    Fish over a frozen lake!

    Together with a private guide you will snowshoe or ski among snow-covered trees and over frozen ponds. We will talk about the typical fauna, survival skills and look for animal tracks in the snow. In the middle of the snow landscape, your guide will prepare an outdoor lunch over open fire. After the lunch you will try your fishing luck on the frozen lake. You will be equipped with an ice fishing rod and to keep you warm we will serve you coffee and home baked pastry.

  • Ice Dining

    A beautiful, unique romantic setting for a dinner below the Northern lights!

    A new beautiful and exciting activity in the moonlight with the chance to see the Northern lights. The evening is lit by torches and candles while we serve a 3 course dinner in a heated tipi tent on an ice covered lake. You sit on reindeer skins while enjoying a fantastic meal over two and a half hours.

  • Speedy skijoring (horse-pulled skiing)

    A whole new level of challenge to skis!

    Are you looking for a challenge? Test your balance on a pair of horse-pulled skis or bobsleigh and experience the speed and excitement! You’ll skijor in a harness behind the horse with an experienced guide as your co-rider. The speed depends on how steady you are on your legs. Warm shoes and clothes are a must; there’s a high risk you’ll get closer to the snow than you think. We’ll stick to the open fields so you can fall softly in the snow.

  • Action-packed dog sled tour

    An unforgettable experience over the frozen-river pulled by a dogsled!

    A tour with dog and sled through the pristine forest and over the frozen river provides a dream-like feeling. You’re side by side with nature and we promise you an unforgettable experience. The tour begins at Treehotel where our guide will provide you with warm clothing, gloves and hat. Transfer 30 minutes by car. After that a safety briefing and instructions and then it’s time to go! After an hour of sledding, we’ll pause to enjoy a warm drink in the beautiful wilderness before returning to Treehotel.

  • Wildlife and Landscape Photography

    A guided photography tour through the best locations around Treehotel

    Starting at Treehotel we take the car to find the best photo locations for the day. The cameras are prepared with telezooms and memory cards to capture animals, birds, nature and landscape.
    Your guide is a professional adventure photographer who works in the taiga and the arctic area. He will teach you the best ways to take great pictures in the arctic and show you his favourite spots in the area. During the winter, snowshoes will be used on some of the stops in order to reach a pristine creek and its ice formations. In an unspoiled spot we will enjoy warm beverage and homemade muffins.
    We will stop at a few different locations to explore the nature’s diversity with our cameras. All the time, looking for animals and birds, maybe we see a moose.
    During the warmer seasons, we will make some shorter hikes, to a water fall or a pristine creek with its strident rapid in order to get great views for our photos. If we are lucky we might see tracks of the rare otter. By the strident rapid we will enjoy a cup of tea and homemade muffins.

  • Essence of Lapland

    Immerse in the Lapland culture through an unforgettable evening

    Sit down and enjoy a show for all senses! Food and song artist Eva Gunnare will make you experience the nature and culture in Lapland in a very personal and entertaining way. Through stories, pictures, songs and exciting flavour sensations you get to know the world of Lapland all year round.

  • Elk calling in bear country

    Accompany our guide summoning elks by "impersonating" a range of elk!

    An alluring adventure with the King of the Forest and the Elk Whisperer. Our guide has approximately 30 years of calling experience and is able to summon the elk really close by impersonating a range of elk. We mainly aim for bull elk, but also cow elk with or without calves. If we are lucky, we might spot one of the bears of the forestland, attracted by the elk calls. We call as we stealthily move through the forest or from a covered wooden spotting tower with a door and photo openings. The tower is accessible for mobility disabled.