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As a Hive, we join forces to deliver impact through:

  • Global

    Our network of representatives deliver Global representation reach for Bee+Hive – and our members (something difficult for small or medium hotels or restaurants). We want to be on the top-of-mind for the best, largest and most niche agencies and operators when it comes to Sustainable touristic destinations and experiences. We want to be the go-to player in the market for those looking to offer this specific type of experience.

    We will NOT act as an travel agency – we understand it would significantly reduce our capacity to increase exposure of members and experiences – completely against our vision.

  • International

    BEE+HIVE will coordinate Press Relations – also out of reach today for its potential members – in order to promote the experiences and increase awareness to the agenda. In the end of the day, we believe that the ones that will drive change are the travellers – and that an increase of market relevance will be key in order to allow Sustainable experiences to be sustainable by themselves, as a business.

    There is little point on developing the right channels, if we don’t act on increasing awareness and demand for such experiences.

  • Global
    & Experts

    BEE+HIVE will combine members – hotels, restaurants, parks, and destinations in general – with a similar perspective and mindset of Tourism as a change agent. Likewise, it is an essential part of our vision that BEE+HIVE has a pivotal role into tapping into the network aspect, allowing and promoting the exchange of information and best practices among the members.

    Also, with our partnerships (including Conservation International Brazil), we will be able to connect our members with experts in the Sustainability community (including Nature, Economic viability and Cultural

  • Indicators
    for Sustainable

    The main output of the partnership between BEE+HIVE and Conservation International is a group of indicators (building on GSTC standards) by which we can evaluate prospect members, including specific measures of the experiential impact they provide to guests or clients.

    From the beginning of the relationship, our members will have a audit of such indicators and we will build together an action plan to evolve during the following membership year. This will guarantee not only that our members are aligned with the same mindset, but that they also act on those – beyond just intentions.