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The “Hive” part of Bee+Hive is related to the absolute vital communal and concerted effort towards the development of Sustainable tourism. During our work, we have – gladly! – met and got familiar with initiatives and individuals that inspired us. We recognize them as invaluable in the “Hive” we all share – projects in which we believe in, support, and would like to promote beyond the tourism sector, so that their inspiration goes further.

  • Onçafari Ecotourism

    Onçafari Ecotourism works to habituate wild animals, such as jaguars and maned wolves, to the presence of our team’s vehicles. As the animals stop running away from our vehicles, researchers and visitors are no longer perceived as a threat, thus enabling the evolution of ecotourism in the region. Animal habituation does not mean domestication, but rather keeping them completely wild and free, without feeling threatened by the presence of vehicles. This habituation process is developed with the help of Cenap (National Research Center for Carnivore Conservation) an agency within the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation, within the Ministry for Environment.