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Inspiring People

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BEE+HIVE’s approach sets it apart from other similar associations because its goal is help and support for members to develop and promote touristic experiences that impact and inspire people by bringing like-minded destinations together to exchange ideas and practices, but also exposing them to the Sustainability community.

Nature Experiences

The first and more obvious element of “sustainability” to come to mind, ecologic preservation acts on protecting and/or reigniting natural resources in an area (for use by future generations).

Local ecologic challenges often have Worldwide impact and tourism activities have the potential to increase international awareness for such issues.


Culture Experiences

Globalization can have a negative side effect of overshadowing local expressions. Initiatives that aim at preserving the identity of local communities must be incentivized and promoted.

Be it supporting cultural traditions, restoring historic sites, or reinforcing the community link, these elements minimize the negative impacts of tourism.


Economic Experiences

Economic sustainability means promoting practices that contribute to the local economy, by integrating the community into the touristic practice, providing a way to generate wealth.

Not only should the community be involved in tourism, but they should also all share in the financial benefits generated by it.