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  • Sea Pagoda

    Swim right in front of the resort at high tide, or take a short walk down the beach to a peninsular point with a sandy beach that’s ideal for swimming and lounging. You can also take a small boat, kayak, or SUP board to our Sea Pagoda, located about 800 meters from the beach. As you dive and swim around the pagoda, you’re likely to see crabs and fish!

  • Snorkeling

    To snorkle around our local coral heads is best enjoyed during low tide using the Sea Pagoda as a staging point. Arrange an excursion to Halian, Lahanusa, Anahawan or Corregidor for a full morning or afternoon of snorkeling. The trip can be extended to include a picnic lunch on beautiful Mamon Beach.

  • Boat Trips and Island Hopping

    Island-hopping around the bay and beyond can make for a great day out. Start with drinks under an umbrella on Pansukian, a tiny desert isle. Move on to Daku for snorkeling and surfing. Then, on the island’s picturesque beach, enjoy the picnic lunch our kitchen packed just for you.

    If time permits, continue on to Casulian, La Janosa, Mamon, or Guyam for a drink. Want some privacy? Take a boat stocked with sun umbrellas, a cooler and comfy beach chairs, and visit one of the many secluded beaches on the nearby islands.

  • Surf Lessons

    Siargao is an excellent place to learn to surf, and our local instructors will have you standing up in no time. If you’re already adept at the sport, a guide can show you the best and most beautiful surfing spots, many of which are well-kept local secrets.

  • Kayaking & Stand-Up Paddling

    Grab a kayak or one of Nay Palad’s very own BOBBY BOARD stand-up paddleboards and go for a tour right in front of the hideaway (To avoid getting stranded on sand, be mindful of the tides.). You can also enlist a guide and explore the mangroves out back.

  • Sohoton Cove

    This enchanting inland wilderness is not to be missed Inter-connecting lagoons are encircled by high cliffs covered in lush virgin jungle. It takes an hour and forty- five minutes to reach by boat. This full-day excursion includes paddling or kayaking, swimming, caving, rock jumping, a hearty lunch on the boat, and snorkeling in the outer reef. We return home at sunset.

  • Explore the Mangrove

    Explore the mangrove forest at the back of the hideaway by foot (low tide) or by small boat, kayak, or SUP. This is a unique opportunity to see a pristine mangrove forest, along with the flora and (if you’re lucky) the fauna it supports.

  • Hiking and Birdwatching

    Adventurous hikers and birdwatchers will enjoy the trails in the hills behind the hideaway. These are reached with a mode of transport other than your two feet. The island’s spectacular birds can also be observed on any road or path. Birdwatchers and hikers will find that our Adventure Manager is an invaluable source of local knowledge.

  • Cycling Trails

    There are many beautiful routes that allow you to explore the nature and villages near the hideaway and around the island. The hideaway will provide you with the appropriate cycling gear.

  • Campfire

    One of the coziest ways to spend an evening is around an open fire. Roast marshmallows and share stories under the stars.