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Nature Experiences

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  • Bear Dinner with Sami Story

    An authentic and genuine experience in the Sami bear ceremony

    The bear has always been a sacred animal for the Swedish natives, associated with rites and traditions. In the glow of the fire you will experience the Sami bear ceremony with the Legend of the Bear; the rituals, the hunting, the celebration and afterwards you will taste the meat. You will hear stories and songs, get knowledge of the Sami culture and see traditional clothing presented by the famous Sami artist Katarina Rimpi. Maybe you also will learn how to jojk?

  • Evening Fishing on the Lule River

    Here you can catch everything from perch to trout. The Lule River is rich in fine fish!

    Our guide picks you up at Treehotel around 20:00 to start the tour. On this tour we’ll fish from the shore of the Lule River with a spinning rod. Here you can catch everything from perch, bleak and roach to ide, bream, trout, pike, walleye, whitefish and trout. The Lule River is rich in fine fish! During a break we’ll enjoy some coffee/tea and cake from Britta’s Pensionat. Expected return time to Treehotel is no later than midnight.

  • Day Trip to Storforsen Nature Reserve

    Regardless of which season you visit Storforsen you can be sure to have an amazing and unique experience!

    Experience the wonders of Europes largest unregulated rapid with waterfall. It is one of the most visited places in Sweden.
    A beautiful two kilometre nature trail takes you through the nature reserve. Swim in the Lagoon, step down into the potholes or just let the fresh air enrich your senses and bring peace and tranquility to your soul. On the surrounding cliffs beside an open fire you will enjoy a picnic lunch based on organic and locally produced food.
    It takes one hour with private transfer to reach Storforsen, the road runs through beautiful forest scenery with the chance to see reindeers. An excursion to Storforsen is well suited for friends, romantic couples or as a fun day for the whole family.

  • Experience Western Riding

    Ride through the woods on our calm horses, enjoying the beautiful views

    During every season – snowy Winter and fresh Summer, we ride through the forest. We’ll experience the unique nature and the wonderful views. Our calm horses will carry us at changing tempos. During the trip, we’ll stop to enjoy a packed lunch and rest a while.

  • Northern Light Photography

    Witness one of the mind-blowing spectacles of Nature

    Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, can be seen here in Lapland when the sky is clear combined with solar activity. We go to nearby Bodträskån which lies in the middle of the forest. Here you can experience silence and darkness, a good place to see the Aurora and discover Arctic winter at night. Together with a photographer we set you up with a tripod and a DSLR camera. Step by step you are given instructions how to capture the night sky and you will have beautiful pictures with you home on your memory card. 

  • Explore the Taiga Forest by Fat bike

    Bike on snow!

    Biking on snow, through the old woods and open meadows, maybe seeing moose and reindeers. Fatbike is like a mountain bike but with balloon tires that makes it easier to bike on soft surfaces. And much more fun since you reach areas you can’t reach otherwise. Organized by Taiga Adventures.

  • Meet the Sami Culture and Arctic Circle Visit

    An insightful experience on Sami's traditions and lifestyle

    We will visit Lars Eriksson which family has lived in remote Flakaberg as Sami’s for seven generations. You will come close to his reindeers and Lars will tell you stories about his native lifestyle. This will give unique insights into the Sami culture. In Lars cabin you’ll be served a lunch made by his lovely wife Anette. On the way back we make a stop at the Arctic Circle Monument to remember you how far north you are. This tour will give you memories for life.

  • Zip Line

    Travel through a 350 meter adrenaline experience between six platforms 9 meters above ground.

    Zipline is a ropeway where you are strapped in on a harness, swishing above the beautiful nature of the forest . With the sensation of flight. No matter if it’s the family or the company, Zipline is for everyone.

  • Moose Safari

    Search for the "king of the beasts" in the grounds of Treehotel

    We go by car on forest roads in the area around Harads to search for the “king of beasts”. If we’re lucky we will also see other animals as fox, reindeers and forest birds.

  • Sea Kayaking on the Historic Lule River

    A relaxing and leisurely ride up the historic Lule River.

    After thorough security and equipment instructions, you head down to the river. Together with an experienced guide, you’ll paddle at a leisurely pace up the historic Lule River. A stop ashore with lunch is included, and you can relax while the guide prepares a delicious lunch of wild game served by the open fire. Then it’s the return trip home, and you’ll paddle back to Harads and Treehotel. Operated by Creactive Adventure.